The 31st Second Language Research Forum
Building Bridges Between Disciplines: SLA in Many Contexts
October 18-21, 2012

Conference Program | Outline of conference schedule | Notes for Presenters

SLRF 2012 will feature four plenary addresses, three pre-conference workshops, and six colloquia, in addition to 211 paper presentations and 90 poster presentations.  Please click below for the full conference program:

Full SLRF 2012 Conference Program [PDF, 12MB]

Plenary speakers:

Dr. Bill VanPatten

Michigan State University

“Some Recent Research on Aptitude with Some Implications for Instructed SLA”

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Dr. Brian MacWhinney

Carnegie Mellon University

“From Models to Methods: Linking L1 and L2 Acquisitional Theory”

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Dr. Natasha Tokowicz

University of Pittsburgh

“Translation Ambiguity in Language Learning, Processing, and Representation”

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Dr. Patricia A. Duff

University of British Columbia

“Triangulating Theories, Methods, and Perspectives in SLA Research”

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Workshop I:  Using Corpora for Language Learning and Teaching

Dr. Mark Davies

Brigham Young University

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Workshop II: Introduction to Discourse Analysis for Second Language Research

Dr. Mariana Achugar, Dr. Barbara Johnstone, and Dr. John Oddo

Carnegie Mellon University

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Workshop III: The Use of Eye Movements to Study L2 Comprehension

Dr. Erik D. Reichle and Dr. Tessa Warren

University of Pittsburgh

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(Click on titles for more information)

Colloquium I:  L2 Speech Perception in Richly Informative Environments

Organizer: Dr. Luca Onnis (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Luca Onnis (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Lori Holt (Carnegie Mellon University)
Sung-joo Lim (Carnegie Mellon University)
Ran Liu (Carnegie Mellon University)
Eva Reinisch (Carnegie Mellon University)
Holger Mitterer (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Netherlands)
Rachel Hayes-Harb (University of Utah),
Catherine Showalter (Indiana University),
Yoko Uchida (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan)

Colloquium II:  Second Language and Literacy Acquisition by Low-educated Adults

Organizer: Dr. Martha Young-Scholten, Newcastle University
Loes Oldenkamp (Radboud University, Netherlands)
Anne Vanikka (Johns Hopkins University)
Martha Young-Scholten (Newcastle University, UK)
Howard Nicholas (La Trobe University, Australia)
Alan Williams (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Martha Bigelow
(University of Minnesota)
Nicole Pettitt (University of Minnesota)
Kendall King (University of Minnesota)
Martha Young-Scholten (Newcastle University, UK)

Colloquium III:  Functional and Formal Approaches to SLA

OrganizersDr. Alan Juffs, University of Pittsburgh and
Dr. Yasuhiro Shirai, University of Pittsburgh
Theres Gruter (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Eve Zyzik (University of California at Santa Cruz)
Adele Goldberg (Princeton University)
Charles Yang (University of Pennsylvania)
Alan Juffs (University of Pittsburgh)
Yasuhiro Shirai (University of Pittsburgh)

Colloquium IV: Exploring the Links between Executive Function, Second Language Acquisition and Bilingual Language Processing

Organizer: Dr. Anat Prior (University of Haifa, Israel)
Debra Titone (McGill University, Canada)
Irina Pivneva (McGill University, Canada)
Julie Mercier (McGill University, Canada)
Natalie Phillips (Concordia University, Canada)
Eleonora Rossi (Pennsylvania State University)
Rhonda McClain (Pennsylvania State University)
Judith Kroll (Pennsylvania State University)
Margarita Kaushanskaya (University of Wisconsin)
Megan Gross (University of Wisconsin)
Milijana Buac (University of Wisconsin)
Anat Prior (University of Haifa, Israel)
Jared Linck (University of Maryland)

Colloquium V: Developmental Perspectives on Second Language Writing

OrganizerDr. Dudley Reynolds, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
Silvia Pessoa (Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar)
Charlene Polio (Michigan State University)
Mark Shea (Mount Holyoke College)
Elisa Barquin (Pompeu Fabra University, Spain)
Dudley Reynolds (Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar)

Colloquium VI:  Reading in a Second Language: Processes and Challenges

Organizers: Dr. Charles Perfetti, University of Pittsburgh and
Dr. Keiko Koda, Carnegie Mellon University
Ludo Verhoeven (Radboud University, Netherlands)
Esther Geva (University of Toronto, Canada)
Aydin Durgunoglu (University of Minnesota Duluth)
Keiko Koda (Carnegie Mellon University)
Charles Perfetti (University of Pittsburgh)