The 31st Second Language Research Forum
Building Bridges Between Disciplines: SLA in Many Contexts
October 18-21, 2012

SLRF 2012 Organizing Committee

If you would like to contact the Organizing Committee of SLRF 2012, please see our contact page.

University of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Mellon University
Katherine Martin (Linguistics)
Ryan Miller (Modern Languages)
Nausica Marcos Miguel (Linguistics)
Alba Tuninetti (Psychology)
Alison Phillips (Psychology)
Chelsea Eddington (Psychology)
Wenhao Diao (Modern Languages)
Ashlie Henery (Modern Languages)
Daniel Walter (Modern Languages)
Eric Wallace (Modern Languages)
Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Dawn McCormick (Linguistics/ELI)
Dr. Charles Perfetti (Psychology)
Faculty Advisors:
Dr. G. Richard Tucker (Modern Languages)
Dr. Brian MacWhinney (Psychology)
Special thanks to:
José David Herazo (Instruction and Learning)
Francis Troyan (Instruction and Learning)
Special thanks to:
Marc Siskin (Modern Language Resource Center)
Nancy Monda (Modern Languages)