The 31st Second Language Research Forum
Building Bridges Between Disciplines: SLA in Many Contexts
October 18-21, 2012

Welcome to the 31st Annual SLRF!

The Call for Proceedings for the Selected Proceedings of the 2012 Second Language Research Forum is now available.  Click here!
Thank you to everyone who came to SLRF 2012!  We were very happy to have over 550 people attend SLRF 2012.  Thank you all for coming, and we hope that you enjoyed the conference!
We are very proud to welcome the 2012 Second Language Research Forum to Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh is known as the "City of Bridges", and we hope to use this idea to highlight the bridges that exist between the various disciplines involved in SLA research. SLRF 2012 will build on this theme with the aim of bridging gaps between individual disciplines that all share a common goal: to improve our understanding of second language learning, acquisition, instruction, and use. This conference will highlight the strengths of each discipline while providing a platform for an open dialogue between fields.  To this end, we are inviting proposals for papers and colloquia from any field of study that addresses SLA.