MLRC Carnegie Mellon campus

Equipment for loan to Faculty

What is available

The MLRC makes available several pieces of equipement for use by Faculty, Instructors and Graduate Students for instructional and research purposes. This equipment is not available to undergraduate students.

The following equipment is available:

  • a VHS Video Tape Player for use in classrooms
  • Digital Still Camera
  • 4 Digital video cameras and tripods
  • Video lighting kit
  • 6 Digital audio recorders
  • Skype webcam and external microphone
  • Portable data/video projector
  • 4 Macintosh and 1 PC laptop
  • Chromebook laptop/tablet
  • Android tablet
  • iPad mini
  • 6 laserpointer/presenters
  • 2 Audio Cassette Transcribers
  • Microphones for digital recording
  • Wireless microphone for classroom recording
  • Audio Cassette recorders
  • Speakers
To request this equipment please go to the MLRC Equipment reservation page and reserve the equipment you need. Due to space considerations, not all of the equipment available is listed on the web reservation page. If the equipment is not listed, please send an e-mail to Marc Siskin listing the equipment, when you need it, and when you can pick it up and return it.
Additional equipment is available upon request. Please ask Marc if you need equipment that isn't listed above.
In addition to the MLRC, media equipment can be borrowed from the Hunt Library Circulation Desk. Please note that you may need to fill out a borrower agreement available through the Library website Tech Lending page

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